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It is a modest community on the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli District. The Hillocks vanish into the blue fog of Agasthiar Malai, named after the Tamil Saint who is accepted to have lived here. Various cascades, falls, incalculable wellbeing resorts in the Coutrallam have earned the title Spa of South India. This cascade zone is the wellspring of perpetual waterways like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The season starts in June and continues till September. It is the point at which the zone encounters generous precipitation and it is a treat to watch and appreciate. RPK Travels tour package can be customized according to our customer’s needs, this made as to reach better place in tourism industry.

The 60 ft. Main Falls the conspicuous falls has a profound pit at Pongumakadal that controls the surge of water. Five falls five unique falls of surging water is called by this name. Visiting these will be on the plan of each vacationer. Our guides will take you to all place and make you to enjoy all the falls in Coutrallam.

Places to visit in Coutrallam

Peruaruvi waterfalls

It is one of the biggest falls in Coutrallam which is about 60 Meter high and it is one among the most famous falls. This is also known as “Main Falls”. This falls is usually crowded and it is prominent falls where Aintharuvi falls and Chitraruvi falls are close to Peruaruvi falls.

Chitraruvi waterfalls

Chitraruvi with a slight progression as the water pulls in people by mistake because of the flow of water and this falls is located at Coutrallam hill station within Tirunelveli district. This place can be reached from Tenkasi. At Chitraruvi a barrier is placed as it separates the bathing area for Women and Men.

Shenbaga Devi waterfalls

Vacationers can arrive at Shenbaga Devi, Tehnaruvi and the Herbal homestead from here by journeying. Shenbaga Devi Falls hurries through the Shenbaga Trees and the sanctuary of Shenbaga Devi Amman sanctuary is situated here. Thenaruvi since it is loaded with Honeycombs where there is no water, thus it is called by this name. It is 3 kms from Shenbaga Devi falls as a course between two enormous rocks.

Puli Aruvi and Pazhaya Courtallam

Puli Aruvi is a fake cascade and the water from here is gathered in a lake and utilized for water system. Since tigers are located here some time it is called by this name. Old Falls are the falls found in the Coutrallam region and Pazhaya Coutrallam is located in the Tirunelveli district. The falls is popularly known as “Old Coutrallam falls” or “Old falls”.